METROPOLITAN MANSION | HWCD | World Design Awards 2021

HWCD: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. METROPOLITAN MANSION is located in Hangzhou, carrying the city’s yearning for natural living life and displaying the international humanistic living concept from a global perspective.

Designers observed humanistic essence of the western part of Hangzhou City, combining with the local beautiful natural scenery, integrating advanced urban lifestyle and active urban spirit, to create an ideal residential area with regional characteristics and humanism.

Designers also choose bright orange art glass as the background, which has a stronger visual impact against the the white marble front desk ,laying a modern and innovative design tone for the sales office.From the floor tile to the wall, from the stairs to the ceiling, the metal design morpheme is everywhere, while balancing the high saturation color of the foreground background,injecting the pioneering modern design atmosphere into the space.

In the negotiation area, circular arc geometric lines run throughout the whole design field, from ceiling to tables and chairs. With simple and concise design language, the designer makes the static field flow with dynamic aesthetic feeling. Various materials such as suede, metal and linen interact with each other, implying an inclusive urban spirit and aesthetic experience.

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