MINYA CENTER | RECS ARCHITECTS | Architect of the Year Awards 2022

RECS ARCHITECTS: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2022. It is a 100 meters complex in Hefei, China. The taller tower will house a 5-star hotel, the lower tower and the podium will be boutique shops and shopping center.

RECS always make project to correspond the Core identity of Client. In this case we made the project with the keywords “to be Italian: simple, clean, regular, intriguing” for the client Minya Group, a big Chinese F&B company which promotes the Italian design, fashion, and lifestyle to China.

The two towers grow up from ground with the simplicity and clarity of composition, creating unique and elegant image to the city, which takes place thanks to the treatment of the interface between the aluminum panel and glass curtain wall.

Our main goal is to make a landmark, even though not a skyscraper, in this context of Hefei city where all the surroundings look similar and monotonous. The perimeter with non-orthogonal lines characterizes the plasticity of the elevations, that greatly strengthens the simplicity and modern and express the power of beauty. In fact, when the building was completed earlier this year, it has won praises from many citizens and has become a special corner of the city.

Project Details

Project Name

Leading Architect
Pier Maria Giordani, Chen Zhen

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Mixed-Use Built

Project Location

Project Team
Antonella Marzi, Marta Dituri, Tan Zhu


Photography ©Credit

The Recs Architects studio was founded in 2011 by architects ph.d fellows of Politecnico di Milano, Pier Maria Giordani and Chen Zhen, experts in different research fields, ranging from architecture, interior to urban planning. Their aim was, and continues to be, to bring together interdisciplinary knowledge into a single professional identity, believing that the role of the Architecture and of the Architect in the new millennium is too articulated to be run by individual workers.

The Recs acronym, originated from Re City Size, means Rethink the Size of the City: we imagine urban space as an intelligent, inclusive, viable, sustainable body, participated by its inestimable human capital.

That’s how we see the city of the future, this is our challenge.

To achieve our goal, we begin from the present city, we re-qualify (RE-Novate) what is already urban, in order not to urbanize what is meadow, forest, countryside. We Re-design (RE-Design) the inner spaces exporting the aesthetical sense of different cultures. We enrich the interior design concept through a mix of contamination that comes from our cosmopolitan experience.

We plan spaces (RE-Planning) through the introduction of innovative concepts by Recs. Every our project aims to increase the life quality of the inhabitants, their inclusiveness and their engagement. We re-examine the architecture of public spaces, creating multicentric cities in natural contexts and using new technologies to make them “smart”, usable, and more efficient.

We Re-think the requirement of people, contributing to the quality of design “Made in Italy” to satisfy the hope and happiness of their life.