Nail Monster | TO ALL DESIGN | World Design Awards 2022

TO ALL DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. NAIL MONSTER is a women’s space focusing on nail art. The project is located in the office building. It is a loft-height space. The designer uses gentle arc elements to connect the two floors in series. There is no lack of flexibility and playfulness in the details, giving the entire space The full of girlishness encourages every customer who comes here to love life and live for themselves.

Outside the gate, a check-in area connecting the nail salon and the hairdressing room is established. Overlooking the scenery outside the window, the fog dissipates, revealing the blue sky and the bustling traffic. The check-in area has an excellent view, and the stylish dark furniture makes this place different from the lively rhythm of other spaces, so that customers can enjoy the time of waiting.

The entrance area of the nail area pays attention to the function while expanding the space with a poetic touch. It is led into the space in the form of an inner arc-shaped entrance, and the right side window is facing the interior of the front desk, and internal and external personnel communicate through the faint window.

Pushing the door and entering is like coming to a dream that is incompetent with the world. It is true and false. With the faint morning light of Hexi, the softness in the memory is evoked, time rewinds, and the simple purity is restored. “Tact and soft” is the definition of space perception. When space is connected with “story”, the space system shows a similar appearance to “stage” and “repertoire”. At this time, the original venue becomes the “stage” and the functional space becomes the “role”.

The overall cream-colored artistic paint in the interior simplifies the unified space, shape, storage, seating, and streamlines…all spread out in the form of small curves. The water bar and the three negotiating rest areas are independent of each other, sitting idle time, blending into the “quiet” temperament. A wide heart is at peace, a calm heart is calm, and a calm heart is far away. The fragrance brewed by light and shadow is crystal clear.

The spiral staircase connects the flow lines of the upper and lower floors, bringing the indoor and outdoor landscapes into view. Climbing up the stairs, the standard configuration of “movement” is presented, conveying the mission of mysterious encounter, which is to reshape the trajectory of the new life together. The nail area on the second floor is presented in a protruding way in the space as the focus of the second floor. The horizontal protrusion is compared with the vertical space, distortion and geometry, parallel and dimension, and jointly concluded the output result theory, which is the incremental analysis and comment after the breakthrough of the difficulty. Individuals are different, and ideals are united.

Project Details


Project Name
Nail Monster

World Design Awards Category
Commercial and Workplace Interior Built

Project Location
Wanhui Center, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China



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©TULI Photography

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