Nanchawan·Shiwu Tribe Homestay | The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture of China Academy of Art | World Design Awards 2021

The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture of China Academy of Art: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2021. The project is located in South Chawan Village, Yichang City. The village is surrounded by half-annular stone mountains and two crossed rivers. The ancients of village people lived here for centuries, which makes local people still kept the most traditional relations. The local traditional stone building technology achieved the original ecological way of life.

The two houses used to belong to local brothers. Exterior part was crafted by stones.

To preserve the texture of the stone walls, the original wooden structure had taken place by the steel frame structure. Set large glazed windows on stone walls, and the removed stones were laid as the interior side of walls.

In order to preserve the integrated structure for the in & out side of stone walls, a glass box with steel structure combining two buildings in the middle, as the lobby and courtyard for the main entrance. And there’s a stairway heading to 2nd floor is set behind the courtyard.

There are two respectively public spaces in Western and Chinese style in the 1st floor. The western style area set a cafe and enclosed fireplace to meet guests’ social communication needs. For the different needs of guests, the place for Calligraphy, Joss-stick, Tea ceremony, Painting and dinning are put in Chinese style area.

The second floor consists of four rooms, including three standard king rooms and one Family suit room. Multiplied variety of rooms providing a rich experience for guests.

More attentions are paid for the integrity of architecture and environment, which shapes the space from exterior into interior design. The windows are used as paint-frames and the scenery are taken as the paintings, those are how we connect the physical space and nature emotions.

Different from the closed ancient villages in the past, the South Chawan Stone house Tribe retains its original style and features, but also has clean drinking water, electricity and communication, as well as convenient transportation. From a backward and impoverished village change to a modern natural ecotourism space that promote local economic development.

Project Details
The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture of China Academy of Art

Project Name
Nanchawan·Shiwu Tribe Homestay

Zhiyong Huang

World Design Awards Category
Residential Built 

Project Location
Yichang City

Zheng Ruokan, Lai Han, Huang Xiaofeng, Hu Luxiang, Liang Zhangmeng, Zhang Zhixiang, Hong Xuefeng, Xie Qiming, Huang Xiaomei, Lin Yongfeng, Lin Yingfeng, Zhang Yonggang


Photography ©Credit

The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture, China Academy of Art Co., Ltd., founded in 1984. We have set up an academic perspective and research vibe encompassing all-round nationalization, internationalization and modernization by taking advantage of the China Academy of Art (CAA)’s strong talents and advantageous discipline group, with the strong and rich academic background of CAA as the foundation, the academic goal of the first environmental art department in China as the mission, and “Relying on CAA & Serving the society” as the overall operation policy.