Nanjing Shimao Tianyu | Shimao Group | World Design Awards 2021

Shimao Group: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Nanjing Shimao Tianyu, the high-end product series of Shimao Group, is based on more than 30 years of diversified operation experience of Shimao Group

The new center will build a 770000 square meter urban landmark complex project. The project is located in the core of Hexi Central Business District, integrating about 150000 square meters.

It is a collection of eight theme highlights, about 110000 square meters of hotel service apartments, about 150000 square meters of skyscrapers + star hotels,

And about 130000 square meters of high-end housing, which introduces the global urban lifestyle according to the international first-line standards. The apartment is a building about 260 meters high

The super high-rise curtain wall tower, product positioning intercontinental hotel service apartment, is committed to iterative living experience for high net worth people.

Global landmark team co created: specially invited master teams such as woods Berg, Arup and URBIS to build landmark architectural images,

Gather the focus of the city, reshape the horizon of Yongjiang River, and integrate the international cutting-edge culture with the local Jinling culture.

InterContinental Hotels Group is invited as a service management consultant to provide customized services for high-end customers.

International vertical space layout: synchronize the global first-line apartment space paradigm and vertically distribute residence / lobby / club / business

Each functional area and each living space can easily connect multiple content spaces.

Human centered space innovation: the project emphasizes the lifestyle brought by resource agglomeration, and the proportion of saleable residential formats is low.

At the same time, it has insight into the needs of high-end customers, takes the preferences of globalized individuals as the starting point, pays more attention to the experience iteration beyond the traditional residential logic in the indoor space, and comprehensively releases the sense of scale and landscape.

Project Details
Shimao Group

Project Name
Nanjing Shimao Tianyu

Shimao Group

World Design Awards Category
Public Building Concept

Project Location
Nanjing, China

Shimao Group


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