Ningbo Tianyi Square “Yongai E Home” City Station | YARD STUDIO | World Design Awards 2023

YARD STUDIO: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The life in a city is usually fast-paced and self-enclosed. The designer hopes to create a temporary homelike lounge in the city through a lighting box with warmth. It looks like an object from outer space, floating on the ground, and supported by a large scale, suspended steel structure. It is a homelike shelter provides solace to anyone in need.

The project is at an intersection of two busy roads where is close to the Tianyi Square subway station at the CBD of Ningbo’s old city. It provides convenient services to citizens, for examples, they can take short breaks, drink water, charge phones, borrow umbrellas, read books, access to medical kit, microwave oven, refrigerator and other facilities.

Given the location of the project in the downtown area surrounded by lights on commercial streets, we pourposely designed a low-key and “special box” to provide a “home-like” station for those who work along the busy streets. The project is “box” modeled stations, which can be mass produced and distributed in any corners of a city. All components are prefabricated in the factory, which can be assembled on site in a very short time.

It is a “home” of the city, which is mass-produced with unique features. It is a warm Light on the street, sharing the care from the city. It becomes the cultural identity of a city home, quietly waiting in the city center for the next passerby who needs shelter from the wind and rain.

Project Details

Yang Bingqing

Project Name
Ningbo Tianyi Square “Yongai E Home” City Station

World Design Awards Category
Corporate Design Built

Project Location

Zhang Yiling, Zhang Jialiang, Wang Zheqi, Chen Kelun (Internship), Liu Fei (Internship)


Photography ©Credit
©Pu Yan

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