Peach Blossom Future Villa (Phase 2) | Bluetown Architects | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Bluetown Architects: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. ‘Architecture is a composition of nature, nature is the soul of architecture.’ This is the big idea behind the Peach Blossom Future Villa (Phase 2) project.

In phase 2, there are 228 villas sitting clustered at the high points among the mountains, the site has continuous slopes between 15%-30%. By stacking different functional blocks perpendicularly, each villa is sculpted as glass boxes floating on top of the alpine environment. The upper-level block is supported by a set of V shape columns, promoting an elegant appearance. Simple materials palette including nature stone, glass, wood and bare concrete, is designed to match gracefully within the site context. Large span and linear lighting along the ceiling edge emphasize the horizontal extension. Glass façade, infinity pool and private courtyard with reflecting pool, blend the natural environment into each villa. All above delivers a thorough design of fulfilled natural belongings.

The key architectural design feature is a modern style mountain villa. This is a brand-new practice in Ling Feng Mountain Scenic Area, with all existing developments as traditional Chinese style.

The variety of experience in interior space gives people a spiritual satisfaction, while the upper floor with large terrace is stretching into the sky, the ground floor is tying the blessed nature to daily life by atriums and private patio to penetrate abundant natural lighting and lush foliage into the house. Modern material palette including natural grain granite and wood veneer, high contrast colors paired with white wall and glass separation, overall to present a high-end living environment.

Project Details
Bluetown Architects

Project Name
Peach Blossom Future Villa (Phase 2)

Bluetown Architects

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Built

Project Location
Anji, Zhejiang

Feng Sa, Chihao Song, Haibo Qiu, Meizhen Cao, Enshuai Zhao, Bin He


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Bluetown Architects is an architectural design studio based in Hangzhou, China.

It was founded in 2014, currently has more than 130 professional designers and has a Class A qualification for construction in China. The design services include town planning, low-density housing, residential, hotels, education, offices, etc.

Bluetown Architects faces the new problems from high-speed urbanization and the Internet era with an open attitude, seeks new solutions and promotes the legacy of Traditional Chinese Architecture and preserves the downshifting lifestyle into the design works.