Qingdao Townhouse Row Villa | Beijing Infii Space Interior Design C.,LTD | IRA Awards 2023

Beijing Infii Space Interior Design C.,LTD: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2023. A place worth a lasting impression, it must embrace nature, poetic charm and tranquility. Every space be created with a high sense of aesthetic taste, cultivating a sense of belonging for the upper echelon. With the collision of diverse cultures, and the thinking and aesthetics are elevated, the designers break away from conventional standardization, transcend borders of nationality and customs, and find a delicate balance between classical and contemporary. Anchored in the global perspective, with remarkable innovation and vitality, the designers present a beautiful fusion of urban diversity in an Eastern context, embracing and incorporating a wide range of influences.

In this project, every space is carefully crafted, aiming to perfectly align with the highest aspirations of those in the upper echelons for an ideal life. With the tranquility and harmony environment, we present a contemporary and supreme mountain-water living ideal. These refined living scenes not only fulfill people’s needs for identity and belonging to a certain social circle but also provide artistic nourishment and a sense of belonging to their inner spiritual world.

Project Details
Beijing Infii Space Interior Design C.,LTD

Song Lankang

Project Name
Qingdao Townhouse Row Villa

Housing Built

Project Location
Qingdao City

Chang Hong, Wu Qiong, Zhang Xiaomin, Yao Fujiang, She Mimi, Wang Qiao


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Established in 2017, Beijing interface space is committed to providing customers with diversified and innovative interior design services and advocating space design that returns to the essence and conveys beauty.

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