QuaD | Aleksandra Lavrukhina | World Design Awards 2021

Aleksandra Lavrukhina.: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. The garden was inspired by the architecture of the building. The modern spa house is decorated with light and dark granite, which is also used for paving in the garden. The terrace is made of wooden decking, and the decorative elements on it are vertical wooden beams. Through the panoramic windows, you can see a large swimming pool, which continues in the form of a multi-level reservoir, opening to the recreation area in the garden. In the garden, too, vertical aluminum poles are used, which echo the elements of the house.

The garden is designed according to the grid method and is divided into squares and rectangles. The garden was filled with hedges and cut cubes, cereals, yellow and orange mixborders, which give volume, soften the pressure of straight lines and combine with the wooden elements of the building in color.         

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Aleksandra Lavrukhina

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Aleksandra Lavrukhina

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Landscape Design Concept

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Aleksandra Lavrukhina


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©Aleksandra Lavrukhina

A young and promising landscape designer who does not stand still, constantly develops and moves forward, without stopping.

Aleksandra Lavrukhina is an aspiring landscape designer. In 2017, she graduated from the School of Architecture and Design in Moscow. Since then, she has been creating landscape design projects for private gardens and constantly improving her skills in various courses.

Since 2017, Aleksandra has received awards in such Competitions as:

 – IDA 2020, Silver in Architecture – Landscape, Los Angeles, USA

– RTFA 2020 First Award / Landscape, Educational Awards, New Delhi, India

– Winner of the II degree in the category “Small Gardens” in the III International Festival “House on Brest Street: Architecture, Design, Landscape”, 2020, Moscow, Russian Federation

– Winner in the special category “100 years of De Stijl”, Design Debut 2017, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.