São Félix da Marinha House | Raulino Silva Arquitecto | Architect of the Year Awards 2021

Raulino Silva Arquitecto.: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2021. The single family house is located in the parish of the coast of São Félix da Marinha. The land is very close to Praia da Granja, a well-known seaside resort located at the southern end of the district of Porto and the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia.

The land we found was being used as a cultivation field, and in the land area to the south there were some pines and cork oaks, these trees were in the garden of the house. Agricultural and rural territory is decreasing in the parish, and collective and single-family housing constructions are increasing because of the proximity to the sea and the fast connections to the city of Porto.

Access to the land is via the street in the North, which made it possible to open the interior spaces of the house to the South and to the West with views over the land and the sea on the second floor. In this way, we are able to enjoy the best solar orientation, and protect the garden with the pool from the cold winds that blow from the northwest, very typical on the northern coast of Portugal.

On the ground floor the main entrance leads to an atrium, open to the courtyard of the holly tree. The lobby allows connection to all interior spaces. On the east side next to the street we have the garage with laundry, and on the west side the kitchen next to the main room. The living room and dining room is oriented towards the garden and the pool, and the separation with the main atrium is made with a lacquered mdf slat in white.

In the body that extends on the ground on the east side we have the bedroom area, with three bedrooms with access to the garden, the main bedroom being a suite with dressing room. The housing’s three bathrooms all have natural lighting and ventilation, whether with patios or skylights.

On the top floor we have only a multipurpose room for games or watching TV. This space is connected to the terrace, which is on the ground floor roof, with views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Work: São Félix da Marinha House
Land area:  2000,00 m2
Construction area: 443,00 m2
Project date: 2018
Construction date: 2019/20

Project Details
Raulino Silva Arquitecto

Project Name
São Félix da Marinha Housen

Raulino Silva

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Residential Built

Project Location
Vila Nova de Gaia

Raulino Silva


Photography ©Credit
©João Morgado

Raulino Silva Arquitecto
Raulino Silva was born in 1981, in the city of Vila do Conde and is an architect at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto. Since 2011, he has his own office in Portugal.

He has regularly participated in publications, exhibitions, workshops and conferences. Most notable are the participation as a speaker in the Perspective Europe Forum in Venice, of The Plan Magazine. In 2020 he was invited by the Board of ESAP to an Open Class of the Integrated Master of Architecture Seminar in Porto. Also by invitation, he was an international jury at the Uni platform and at the Bee Breeders.

The work built has received several international awards, most notably the 2A Continental Architectural Awards, International Architecture Awards, IF Design Awards, Iconic Awards, Baku International Architecture Award, and Europe 40 Under 40 Awards.