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DC Alliance: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. With Area 101 of the downton of Lin-Gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Nanhui New City in Shanghai’s “Five New Cities Strategy”) as the space carrier, Shanghai Lin-Gang Dishui Lake Cultural and Tourism Livable Zone serves as a significant carrier for Lin-Gang Special Area to build a maritime city and a world-class culture, sports and tourism destination.

The entire planned area, covering about 7.28 square kilometers with 5A scenic spots of about 3 square kilometers, is expected to receive 10 million tourists a year in the future.  

Relying on Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park and “Wintastar”, the scenic spot integrates the tourism and vacation facilities and city functions to build a compound “urban tourism resort complex”, and takes the opportunity of the construction of city-level cultural facilities and the comprehensive development of metro stations to shape “culture, shopping and tourism” destination, redefine the city image of the whole Area, and build itself into the landmark of the gateway to the main city along Lin-Gang Avenue.

Themed by “sea”, “snow”, “Shanghai-style culture”, the whole area focues on building the overall environment with “forest city” as the concept, and deeply implants the vacation tour experience into specific environments to form the integration of the scenic spot and nature, the scenic spot and the city by activating abundant water bank and greening resources on the site. Adhering to the principle of “pedestrian priority” and supported by multiple public transportation systems, the regional transportation is organized in a manner to form a three-dimensional and compound circulation structure.  

In addition to becoming an attractive tourist destination, it, as a cultural and tourism experience zone inlaid in the new city, will also promote the integration of industry and city, build itself into a new symbol of the Lin-Gang Special Area, and strengthen the brand effect of city. 

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DC Alliance

DC Alliance

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Shanghai Lin-Gang Dishui Lake Cultural and Tourism Livable Zone

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Urban Design Concept

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DC Alliance


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