Shanghai Tianbo Sales Gallery | Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group | World Design Awards 2022

Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. Artistic style is a symbol of civilization. As far as space design is concerned, style is an organic combination of visual and functional aesthetics that dominates at a specific time and place.

In different eras, Shanghai has different labels and charms, but the same is that they all have the same art and exquisiteness! The Shanghai Tianbo Sales Gallery, it is a gorgeous return with a three-generation literary story of a Shanghai family. This case extracts Shanghai’s traditional cultural elements and tells the century-old literary story of Oriental Paris. It is peaceful and self-sustaining, soothing and elegant, romantic and fashionable. Here, it reflects the culture of Shanghai people and the pursuit of high quality.

This case is based on the popular beige color, presenting the elegant and high-level tone of Shanghai culture, referring to the old Shanghai architecture and peace hotel, cheongsam, group fan, Huangpu River, rickshaw and other elements, trying to lead visitors to the old Shanghai Fang in the 1940s and 50s. magnificent. The wall is inspired by the arch design of the Time Corridor, and has a retro style. It reproduces the elegant and exquisite accent of the old Shanghai Art Deco with the cheongsam culture. The sculpture uses the elegant skirt and the revolving curve to show the charm of modern women, reflecting the East The lingering charm collides with Western romance. Indoor chairs, pillows and other furniture are detailed to create a Shanghai style and elegance. There are surging waters on the Huangpu River, continuous flow of cargo ships, rickshaws and cars on the riverside, carrying celebrities and modern ladies from the business district to the Peace Hotel. The unique breath of this city is concentrated here.

Project Details
Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group

Tsun Fong

Project Name
Shanghai Tianbo Sales Gallery

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location

Tsun Fong、Chenyusheng、Liuyulan、Wangzhongmin、Lichan、Tangtianyuan


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