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Funcartion Landscape Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Shengeng village riverside park is located in the riverside area of Shengeng village, Shenzhen. The project aims to create a natural waterfront landscape belt suitable for living, industry and ecology. After completion, it can become a leisure and fitness place with beautiful scenery for nearby residents, and significantly improve the business atmosphere of the waterfront style street of Shengeng Village complex.

The iconic bow square, theme sculpture, interactive art installation and other elements are like a giant ship sailing to the sea, showing the new urban image of Shenzhen regional culture and increasing the leisure and green slow life experience. The project design fully respects the current situation, sets theme nodes and constructs characteristic activity space in combination with the site characteristics and surrounding land conditions. Through the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the system, create a high-quality dynamic waterfront with convenient transportation, internal and external connectivity, multiple functions, changeable spatial rhythm and rich cultural connotation. The greening planting design is mainly composed of evergreen tree species, supplemented by flowering color leaf plants, and trees and shrubs are matched to enrich the plant level.

The designer skillfully integrates the landscape design into the flood control function of the project embankment, silt prevention function and rainwater runoff collection and purification system to slow down the flow rate of rainwater into the river in rainstorm season. It is equipped with ecological rainwater facilities composed of concave green space and rainwater garden. Combined with the vertical design of the site, the rainwater infiltration capacity is improved through organized confluence and transmission, Further reduce the non-point source pollution caused by rainwater runoff and improve the ecological function of the city.

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Funcartion Landscape Design

Zhang Yinxuan

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Shengeng Village Riverside Park

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Public Landscape Design Built

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Funcartion Landscape Design


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