Shenzhen Foreign Language School Extension Project || LHA ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN CO, LTD || Architect of the Year Awards 2020

LHA ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN CO, LTD : Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. The project is an extension design plan for Shenzhen Foreign Languages School. Founded in 1990, the School is a key school directly under Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, First-grade School of Guangdong Province, National Civilized unit and National Experimental School of Modern Education Technology established by the Ministry of Education.

The project design focuses on the ideas of “putting people first” and “imparting knowledge and educating people” so that the architectural form takes a cue from the evolution of “Ren” Chinese character (more exactly, the oracle bone script). The raised floor ensures that the ventilation corridors of the site work well, and terraces are set as viewing areas for teachers and students. The roof, at the same elevation with the mountain, forms a spacious activity space. And the sunken courtyard introduces natural light and ventilation into spaces partially under the ground.

Large rooms are arranged at the bottom of the building, forming various platforms with different elevation andthe U-shaped main teaching spaces are set above them. The north end of U-shaped building curves while the south end is moved downward, hence presenting a flexible and dynamic architectural form. Moreover, interspersed and interlaced spaces are added to create diverse public activity platforms.

The 10-story architecture has 3 levels underground and 7 above the ground, dividing functional areas into teaching area, teaching and research innovative area, language center and multifunctional supporting area.

The site is divided into different functional areas along the main spatial axis so as to meet needs for both urban and interior spaces.

Based on the architectural layout, its landscape design transforms squares and open spaces with various scales into distinctive themed courtyard. A green and natural vertical campus is created by integrating courtyard greening, roof greening and raised floor greening.

Project Name || Shenzhen Foreign Language School Extension Project
Architect of the Year Award Category || Cultural Built

Project Location || Shenzhen
Team || Li Guanghua, Huang Xu, Li Xiaoke, Su Yang, Liu Shiqiang, Peng Li, Li Yanmei, Mai Yongshun
Country || China