Sino-Ocean · Chunqiuli | HANGZHOU JIADING INTERIOR DESIGN CO., LTD | World Design Awards 2022

HANGZHOU JIADING INTERIOR DESIGN CO., LTD: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. When you are out of the known senses, put consciousness in the present context of life, let the traction of the light and line to cross the dome corridor of time, will together falling in the United States of being.

This seemingly mysterious wormhole, open any door of time, space and time, light and shadow flow together. The tuff, taken from the original architectural elements, has a natural sense of natural breathing. The rustic texture gets rid of too much decoration and retains some simplified naked beauty. The furnishings of vintage flavor achieve a compromise balance between the new and old traces for the space.

The lines of cruising leap out of the traditional space narrative, deduce the passage of time, and make each corner project different light, so that dense and graceful shadow, the light line body draws people’s sight and emotion through it.

The moment of line slice infuses the space with the rhythm of dynamic control. Light pours in from the window, like a born bard, reciting the most romantic and comfortable moment of every day. High and low scattered design, break the single shackles of communication. Cocktails of blurred trance, and the natural rhythm of the space, follow one’s inclinations flowing.

The cave dwelling space that embedded gimmick makes, also skillfully completed the function between eat sitting room join up. Will all the wild luxury interest meaning and tenderness poetry, together with the environment. In the short rest, I forget about time and myself. It is like a cave dweller in the primitive forest, a traveler traveling in space in a spaceship, or a chapter in a requiem for silence.

Curved wall resembles slowly flowing river water, quietly drips through the boundless wilderness, natural traction is entering the mood and the line of sight another world. The design of the high table skillfully completes the functional transition of the space and opens up visually. Or gather or divide, a kind of hazy and indescribable sincere feeling arises spontaneously.

The vault gallery through time

The ceiling is rounded with tempered glass to form a transparent dome. Night is like a full moon to pacify the night travelers returning from the stars, morning is a spiritual shelter to breathe freely under the clear sky.

The moving arc forms a natural step, demarcating another piece of heaven and earth together with the curved ceiling. Delicate physical details outline the living room tall and straight and introverted, flowing lingering light and shadow into the echo of the building, like a vault through time and space.

The design feeling that sofa folds, be like natural and jumpy note, knocking pleasant waltz. Arc shape design, bring elegant languid lazy temperament. Proper chromatic aberration forms strong visual tension. The strong and full colors deal with the relationship with space in a low-key manner.

Follow the stairs and you will reach another field through the space and time vault. The object wall outlined by the large curve echoes the light and dark of the cave space on the first floor, like the light singing of day and night. By the unique design of the stairs, the natural division of the second floor activity two functional space. Also will the moving details of life, no trace of the ground to diffuse during.

Arc sofa brings lazy languid idle atmosphere, or rely at will or sit on the floor. The circular glass continues to serve as the functional demarcation and emotional connection between the first and second floors, penetrating but not penetrating, gathering but not matching, adding a unique sense of rhythm and aesthetic tension to the space.

Nature’s Narrator

Dawn gradually to the curtain light, light with footsteps and enter, one step to switch to another heavy world. The ubiquitous arc-shaped details and the integrated karst cave structure soften the peaceful mood of the quiet area.

The large floor-to-ceiling Windows extending from the first floor to the bedroom become nature’s narrator. Soft light, floating clouds flowing day, shady trees, half-hidden city, like their own magic like frame a most moving picture.

Light participates in the new construction of space order without reservation, making people fully perceive the circulation of four seasons, the rhythm of life and the beautiful scenery of the world. Different colors and materials collide and blend here, along with the moving lines, delivering a soft and mild atmosphere, which precipitates the whole space and makes it quiet.

A utopia of natural silence

Lines are ancient metaphors, light is the profile of civilization. It’s a utopia of interesting souls, natural silence. Through space construction and aesthetic insight, one can freely switch one’s identity from one step to the next, and open any door of time and space through the wormhole.

Project Details

Louis Liou

Project Name
Sino-Ocean · Chunqiuli

World Design Awards Category
Interior Design Built – Residential 

Project Location
Beijing City

Lead Architects: Louis Liou Design Team: Zhuwei Chen, Yiying Zhou, Yangkang Chen, Linji Liu


Photography ©Credit
©As You See Wang Hall

Louis Liou

At the 30th anniversary of Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2014, he created the art field of “I am in Zhongshan Liu’s Mansion” for the first time at the experimental collection exhibition program. Founder Louis Liou is the first to have been invited to join the spatial art program as an artist. His various space work designs have also won the recognition of the German Red Dot Design Award, publication in the well-known Dutch architecture design magazine Frame-NIGHT FEVER, Andrew Martin Award, and Taiwan Interior Design (TID) Award.