Taiyuan Tianyue Sales Gallery | Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group | World Design Awards 2022

Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Located in the Tianyue Tianyue Sales Gallery in Taiyuan, Shanxi, the architect used dynamic and imaginative polyline elements as the architectural language, and displayed the new urban vitality of Shanxi’s ancient capital with modern architectural forms.

In order to unify the indoor and outdoor senses and draw visitors into the interior naturally, the designer refines, arranges and combines the polyline elements, and uses a variety of decorative forms as a generator of emotions in the interior space to reflect the overall culture of the building At the same time as the connotation, there are also morphological innovations.

The high entrance lobby is sometimes abstract and sometimes concrete opening with a folding fan symbol. Entering it evokes people’s infinite pursuit and yearning for a refined and elegant life. The smooth and continuous second floor mirrored decorative wall is like a delicate folding fan that opens slowly, driving the mood with dramatic and romantic visual senses, soft, graceful and three-dimensional. The use of broken lines in the bathroom reaches its climax. Lines, curves, geometric bodies…all forms of lines co-exist in one room, expressing the spatial form in a comprehensive form of line, surface, and body, transforming from plane to three-dimensional naturally.

The round colored balls of different sizes have flexible the temperament of the space, and the changeable design forms have condensed into a brand-new spatial scale. Together with the interesting and artistic animal-shaped ornaments, they have created a variety of possibilities for the space.

The rich and diverse polyline elements in the interior have changed from a regular and simple form of architectural appearance to a complex and dynamic form, and then from rational to perceptual, and from orderly to free and natural transition.

Project Details
Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group

Tsun Fong

Project Name
Taiyuan Tianyue Sales Gallery

World Design Awards Category
Interior Design

Project Location
Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

Tsun Fong


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©Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group

Hong Kong Fong Wong Architects Group was founded by Mr. Fang Jun in Hong Kong, China in 1997. It is an ISO international design group dedicated to creating value with the United States. The business scope includes design services and management of residential real estate, commercial real estate, cultural tourism real estate, and high-end residences. With more than 20 years of development, the group started from Hong Kong and established subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Changsha.