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Shanghai Huazhe Bund Real Estate CO.,Ltd: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. Based on the local cultural background, the Art Deco style immensely popular in the city’s golden age is innovatively incorporated into the project in various aspects including architecture, interior, craftsmanship, design languages and materials application, thus creating a modern yet classical image.

At the early stage of the project, the design team powdered on how to respond to the local historical and cultural context, and how to build a connection with Laochengxiang, the old town of Shanghai. The master planning of the project shows full respect for the surrounding environment, and the street-facing north facades unfolding towards the city are positioned as the major display surface.

Buildings are arranged in a relatively scattered way, so as to generate a sense of openness along the street, weaken the oppressive feeling brought by the high-rise apartments with high density, and ensure an open view to the Huangpu River.

As a new high-rise residential development, the project adopts advanced construction technology. The design team managed to pay tribute to the aesthetic trend in the golden age of Shanghai and to integrate classical spirit with modern technology into a whole. The project extracts horizontal lines, curved corners and Art Deco elements from local classic buildings such as Wukang Mansion. Chamfered corner is applied to the details of tower buildings, podiums, corridors, door heads and enclosure walls. In addition, curved glass and exquisite lines are combined on the facades to embody the subtle fusion of classic style and modern form.

Taking full advantage of the favorable site location only 500 meters away from Huangpu River, the designers arranged the buildings’ orientation and layout in a way to embrace the view of the scenic river. Furthermore, taking cues from local villas equipped with gardens, the design team organized residential buildings and inner gardens in a staggered manner, with the purpose of allowing dwellers to enjoy strolling in the continuous gardens. The stilt floors and connecting corridors help break the boundary between inside and outside, enable architecture, interior and landscape to complement each other, and realize the integration of living space and natural environment.

Considering the humanistic needs in a post-pandemic era, the design team set a garden that provides a healing power through the five senses. The colors and aromas of specially selected plants, fruits growing in a shared farming field, and the chirping birds and insects will activate the visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and gustatory senses of residents and bring them moments of inner peace in a busy urban area.

Project Details
Shanghai Huazhe Bund Real Estate CO.,Ltd

Lu Hao, Xu Qi

Project Name
The Bund Garden

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing More than 5 Floors Concept

Project Location

Client team: Lai Shengchang, Lu Yan, Shi Chunhong, Fu Haofei


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