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ZWA: Winner of Architect of The Year Awards 2023. The Shaping of Product Power in the Era of Internal Competition: The Panoramic Demonstration Area of Tinggui Li in Green City Hangzhou

1.0 The 28 Logic in Current Urban Development

The Green City Tinggui Li project is located in the Qiaosi Wengmei section of the Linping area in the northeast of Hangzhou. It is an integrated architectural and interior design project of Blue City Zhuoshi. In the increasingly “rolling” era of real estate, it takes 95 days for projects to open from land acquisition to demonstration areas, which determines that 80% of the project needs to rely on existing standardized and mature product lines, and 20% of the time and energy is spent on project innovation. How to shape a complete panoramic demonstration area within limited time and conditions is a design challenge.

2.0 Full dimensional demonstration area urban street corner version

The project density is 22%. In order to ensure the competitiveness of the product, the land area should be reserved for residential areas as much as possible. The commercial area is located on the first floor of the residential area on the north side, and only a certain supporting land area is reserved in the northeast corner combined with the demonstration area. The design introduces the pedestrian flow in the northeast corner through the splicing and combination of blocks, and strengthens the iconic feature of the main entrance of the living hall through the design of a large-scale overhanging canopy, combined with the landscape water surface.

The canopy of the living hall presents a connection and support relationship as a whole, integrating several volumes such as stone sheet walls, transparent glass boxes on the first floor, and glass boxes on the second floor into a unified visual language. Through a holistic presentation, the small volume living hall obtains more display interfaces and features.

The night lighting design of the living center is combined with the shape of the canopy, and the triangular acrylic lighting design makes the entire canopy appear lively and lively. The flat landscape water surface, the inclined glass box at the entrance, the semicircular Bahrain blue stone on the background, and the latte gray stone and glass along the eastern interface combine to create a small and rich picture, presenting a charming “exquisite smoke and fire” in this small-scale living center.

3.0 Community Chassis Design from the Perspective of Product Power

There is a kindergarten in the northeast corner of the project, which is limited by sunlight conditions. After retreating from the central boundary on the north side, a commercial block with a depth of about 25m has been formed. The project adopts a fully elevated design on the first floor, which can provide rich activity space for the community in different seasons. The control height of the overhead floor is between 4.0 and 4.5m, which is seamlessly linked to the community landscape and integrated with the interior design of the building. In order to enhance the display effect of the project, the 6500 square meter full dimensional demonstration area has been designed and built with a marketing center consisting of a living center and a community reception hall, a living block, a themed elevated floor, and a park themed landscape, achieving a panoramic display of functions.

4.0 Boundless Architecture and Interior/A Customized Story for Stone

As an indoor integration project, Zhuoshi adopts a series of indoor and outdoor integration design techniques, such as architectural techniques internalization and indoor techniques architecturalization. The demonstration area is designed with the concept of “Garden Market, Exquisite Fireworks”. The Bahrain blue stone on the entrance background wall is semi-circular with gold profile edges, and extends to the indoor reception desk and background wall. Through customized stone design, a “boundless” design experience is created.

The elements of customized stone also extend to the exit position from the living center to the model room, as well as the entrance door of the unit, further strengthening the cultural connection of the entire project.

The integrated design of the interior of the building is also reflected in color. The heavy rain shed of the building adopts golden suspended ceiling, the glass box adopts golden profile, and the indoor suspended ceiling adopts golden metal paint. The continuation of color is the exclusive temperature of life in Tinggui Li.

5.0 Quality Improvement Based on Standardized Product System

The project is positioned as a high-end improvement of the western-style housing community, and the effort in product design is to enhance the mutual penetration between architecture and nature on the basis of a standardized product system, seeking product value with a sense of urban vacation.

The 121 middle unit of T3 features two directional low cabinets at the entrance entrance entrance, increasing storage space and expanding the dining room space, where round tables can be placed; At the same time, the use of a south facing double balcony design improves overall usage efficiency and increases the penetration of natural landscapes.

The side set 125 unit adopts an integrated design of guest and restaurant, with balconies arranged in both the south and side directions, and equipment platforms can be used to increase storage space on the side.

The 123 unit model of T2 adopts a north-south double balcony design, and there is also a double-sided wide balcony on the south side, which maximizes the indoor usage area as much as possible. The 128 unit adopts a four sided wide design, with characteristic storage/housekeeping space reserved on the kitchen and entrance sides. The 139 unit is a Lou Wang unit, and the guest restaurant adopts a horizontal hall design. The depth of the balcony has also been increased, creating a comfortable and versatile four room product.

6.0 Conclusion: Garden Market, Exquisite Fireworks

In the Tinggui Li demonstration area, we hope to reflect on the multidimensional lifestyle of residential and block life, making friends, neighbors, and other aspects, presenting a relaxed lifestyle. Through the mutual penetration of indoor and outdoor spaces, the integration of community and residential scenes is considered, and we seek emotional value that has a sense of urban vacation, showcasing the diversity and fireworks of life.

Project Details

Jin Ge / Jin Guang Wei

Project Name
Ting Gui Li

Residential Built

Project Location
Hang Zhou

Zhang Xiong / Xia Xun Xiong /Shao Hong Yi / Shen Xiao Ying / Liu Yi Qi


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©Chill Shine

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