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Line Arquitetura: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. In celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary, the construction company approached us to develop the design of the enterprise that would be the milestone of this journey. From there we started to tell this story…

Manhattan’s High Line materializes in Itapema, a Brazilian city.

For the design of this development, we sought inspiration in Manhattan, where they turned a deactivated train station into a suspended park. The idea of ​​using underutilized area and materials in a place of permanence, integrating the man-nature concept and inviting people to live together in a relaxed and familiar environment was our fuel to design a residential building that would welcome its public in the middle of the urban environment.

Connecting spaces between environments, coating with a high level of acoustic insulation, presence of vegetation in internal and external environments, Italian themed décor, structural double glazing system, ensuring greater visibility with the absence of profiles, armored busbar: system that replaces the electrical plumbing and distributes energy between the floors, ventilated façade: cladding system applied to the façade of the project, made up of porcelain tiles applied to profiles fixed to the structure, drywall wall system, innovative and internationally recognized technology, high performance frames, with total opening from floor to ceiling. All these technologies in a place located 50 meters from the sea.

The concern with providing the public with a better quality of life led to three labels being present at the development. Being them:

  • Fitwel: Evaluates the incentive to healthy living both within the development and in its surroundings, ensuring the health of its residents.
  • GBC: Seal that guarantees the efficient use of water and energy resources
  • PBE: It aims at energy efficiency through its categorization, directly impacting the costs of the units.

More Quality of life, Health, sustainability, savings for the condo and savings for the apartment.

Industrial architecture, with high technology and concern for the environment are the links that gave life to this enterprise with 12,334.41m². Twenty Five is a landmark of innovation and care for others reflected in its architecture.

Project Details
Line Arquitetura

Daniel de Amorim

Project Name
Twenty Five Street Home

World Design Awards Category
Residential High-Rise Built

Project Location
Itapema, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Daniel de Amorim; Mayron Rodrigo; Guilherme Molinari; Jaqueline Gaida; Jéssica Braz; Amanda Maffezzoli


Photography ©Credit
©Line Arquitetura

Founded on March 22, 2010, the office was named Line because the line is one of the most essential components in the development of projects. It’s the lines, drawn more freely, that present the initial creative contours of architectural projects.

Located in Itapema, a city on the coast of Santa Catarina, Line Arquitetura is built on four pillars: professionalism, quality, deadlines, and ethics. These pillars have allowed the office to reach 13 years of activity, bringing dreams to more states in Brazil, surpassing the milestone of 200 projects, including completed and in the approval phase.