Valle Aurelia Restyling Rome | AMAART | International Architecture Awards 2019

The project for Valle Aurelia station aim’s essentially in offering to the urban contest a new dialog with the existing infrastructure system, this happens throughout the design of an urban space that speaks with the design of the visible skin that folds and envelops the existing building structure.

The skin is meant to be light and immaterial, it rejects the density of the aluminum material of witch it is composed. The second skin is the dress that hides the existing building and that creates innovation in the form itself.

Every internal energy push, is driven out by the second skin of the building and defined by gravity and natural light. The inside spaces are a continues dialog with the passenger and the city.

Natural light and artificial light create a sensible dialog. A passage towards the function of the station. Where the user can find time and place in order to remember space within itself through time.

The project is for the roman area a new prospective scenery to evoke virtuous change in the city landscape.

Architects: AMAART
2nd Award – Category: Transportation
Project Location: Rome
Project Team: Alessia Maggio Arch. Team Leader Project, Andrea Abatecola, Luca Bertolini, Silvia Marmiroli, Dario Taffi, Alessio Ricc, Pamela Grimaldi
Country: Italy