Vanke Longhai Plot 01 Retail Mall | L&P Architects | World Design Awards 2021

L&P Architects: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. The principal part of the project is a shopping mall of 60000㎡. The core development area of Longhai City New District will create a new concept city complex integrating “urban business, harmonious experience and quality living”. Through the integration design of both indoor and outdoor, it creates a benchmark for urban area and a high-quality living experience.

One-stop New CITY Experience Center

  1. The project is located in Longhai City, as a landmark development project in the urban expansion linked with the Xiamen area;
  2. Multi-dimensional simultaneous planning of commerce, main axis, education, parks, etc., to create a benchmark for district life;
  3. The overall plan of the design retains the original banyan tree on the site and uses it as the end node of the main axis of the community;
  4. Combine the unique immersive experience space to form a huge magnetic field, centered on the project location, attracting different people from the entire urban area. From the large-scale shopping mall, to the popular Internet celebrity district, to the quiet Guizaishan Park in the noisy area;
  5. In response to the actual needs of local citizens, a thoughtful service space is planned, including the circulation planning of motorcycles and the sight control of pedestrians;

6. The building itself obtains a neat and advantageous city image through concise and mature techniques.

Project Details
L&P Architects

Project Name
Vanke Longhai Plot 01 Retail Mall

Gang LI

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Concept

Project Location
Longhai, China

Gang LI, Jiebin WU,Xiaobin XU,Zerong LIN, Qijun CHEN

HKSAR, China

Photography ©Credit
©L&P Architects

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