WEAVE City Community Center | Jiaxing Wanxian Construction and Development Co., LTD. | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

Jiaxing Wanxian Construction and Development Co., LTD.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. The project is an important part of the core residential service scene of Yuli Future Community, which is located in Jiaxing High-speed Railway New Town, and granted the second batch of provincial pilot project of Future Community in Zhejiang Province. The community center, jointly developed by Vanke Group and Yuxin Town Government, is promoted by the mode of local reconstruction and new development of the old town. It is committed to weaving future science and technology with Yuli traditional culture, organically combining community construction with town development and high-speed railway new town construction, creating an ideal model unit of future community and making it a window of Yuxin common wealth.

This 4700-square-meter flying saucer-shaped building has the functions of residents’ office, Party and the masses center, community activity venue, elderly activity center, children activity center, health management center, volunteer home, cloud study and air exhibition hall, serving the surrounding residents. The concept of integration and symbiosis will run through the whole design, allowing the essence of urban renewal to return to “human” and “life”, and creating a new starting point for Yuli Future Community. A series of spiraling ramps connect the neighborhood center’s interior function, outdoor space and future exhibition hall suspended in the air in a linear manner, forming the visit flow line and the core structure of the entire neighborhood center.

The site is adjacent to Yuxin Town Central Primary School, and the whole plot is in the shape of a dumbbell, presenting extremely strict restrictions. In the design process, the neighborhood center does not blindly pursue the volume and urban interface and other indicators, but always puts forward various possible schemes based on the theme of openness. Taking the natural landscape as the dominant space, the outdoor ground is designed with ramp and elevator, which lead to the platform on the second floor without entering the main body of the building. This design removes both the psychological and physical barriers for citizens to enjoy this huge building. The absence of barriers is the interpretation of the core value of “openness” in the design of the neighborhood center, and translates into the applicable concept that nature and sustainability play an important role.

The facade keeps the elements of the water town that Yuli is proud of the undulating external envelope structure, each white aluminum plate is customized with different degrees of curvature, and the functionality provided can help to improve the environmental performance of the building while meeting the requirements of sustainability and functionality. The alternating application of solar panel and super white glass brings a different sense of penetration and mystery to the building. The building achieves a major structural breakthrough. The core tube and ramp adopt steel structure to achieve a balance between groundbreaking structure and functionality, and the large area of cantilever structure reaches 13m at its farthest point. The steel-structure hoisting in the air becomes a key issue of the project, allowing the exhibition hall to be elevated while achieving maximum internal space efficiency. Floating in the air, the exhibition hall can overlook every corner of the project, and it is like a pioneer of community construction who witnesses the changes of this new community.

Project Details
Jiaxing Wanxian Construction and Development Co., LTD.

WU Tao, WANG Yuzhi

Project Name
WEAVE City Community Center

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Recreation Built

Project Location
Jiaxing City

Dai Ruli, Bai Fan, Xu Bing, Jiang Chaoyi, Dan Zhaocai


Photography ©Credit
©Qianxi Zhang

Jiaxing Wanxian Construction and Development Co., LTD. as a cooperative project company between China Vanke Co., Ltd. and Yuxin Town Government, is committed to the future community construction in Jiaxing City.

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