Wuhan Optical Valley Digital Economy Industrial Park || LHA ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN CO, LTD || Architect of the Year Awards 2020

LHA ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN CO, LTD: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2020. The project is located at Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, which goes by the name of Optics Valley of China. The design goal is to make it into a national industrial zone of digital economy.

The project consists of two construction lands on east and west ends respectively and community parklands. The overall layout of two plots includes “one axis, two belts and one center”. The east-west axis of the main entrance connects two plots, enhancing their relationship in spatial terms. The architectural height gradually increases from the inside, taking the reservoir as the center. Headquarter buildings are set along the lake and incubators and accelerators are arranged along the outside of the site. The two-story public platform at the middle functions as landscape belt, better connecting functional divisions. Moreover, the unique lake becomes a shared landscape center.

The design concept aims to protect the natural system of mountain and water landscape as much as possible. Therefore, it enjoys a reasonable planning that architectures are set according to the terrain to avoid large areas of digging and filling and leaves more green lands for presenting spacious landscape views and minimizing the destruction of natural slopes.

In the green architectural design, ecological strategies are adopted, such as rainwater collection, roof greening, ecological parking, ecological wetlands and others. Meanwhile, office buildings use the “breathing” double-skin façade. There are other energy-saving measures specific to energy consumption of water, electricity and air conditioner.

At the planning phase, the design only controls the scale and location of units because those units themselves have flexible spaces in form design, so that it can ensure the integrality of the zone and reject subversive influence on the planning when adjustments are needed.

Project Name || Wuhan Optical Valley Digital Economy Industrial Park
Architect of the Year Award Category || Public Building Concept

Project Location || Wuhan
Team || Li Guanghua, Huang Xu, Li Xiaoke, Liu Shiqiang, Li Changqing, Li Meng, Ma Yuanze
Country || China