Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital Xiamen University | Fancy Design | World Design Awards 2023

Fancy Design: Winner of World Design Awards 2023. The Phase II project for the Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital Xiamen University (XMCH) is located in Xiamen’s Wuyuan Bay Medical Park. It covers a total construction area of 83,200 square meters and comprises an innovation building and an inpatient building. Regarding interior design, the project considers the discipline background and future growth of XMCH. It is characterized by the overall texture of the architectural space, combining hospital culture with the essence of green ecology. Utilizing modern design languages, it aims to create a distinctive medical space that embodies technological, environmental, and humanistic attributes from various perspectives and dimensions.

Project Details
Fancy Design

Guoxi Fang

Project Name
Xiamen Cardiovascular Hospital Xiamen University

World Design Awards Category
Public Building Interior Concept

Project Location
Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China

Qiyou Chen, Xuanzheng Shi, Zhiyan Su, Yutian Peng, Yajuan Zhang, Yi Wang, Wenjuan Xie, Hua Huang, Rongsi Huang, Jinxue Zheng


Photography ©Credit
©Weiren Huang

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