Yongfeng County Enjiang Ancient Town tourist service center | Zhejiang University Urban-Planning & Design Institute Co,.Ltd. | World Design Awards 2022

Zhejiang University Urban-Planning & Design Institute Co,.Ltd.: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. Along with urbanization, ancient towns gradually declines while new cities grows rapidly. In this context, we designed this urban renewal project. Yongfeng county, a provincial level historic and cultural city, well preserved the form and pattern of its ancient city which is significant to local residents. We thought deeply about how can renewal project balance between the new development and the preservation.

With a theme of “Inherit the old and introduce the new”, Enjiang Ancient Town tourist service center was updated and iterated based on the local architectural language in Yongfeng county. The elements of traditional architecture, including gray eave, courtyard and patio, are presented three-dimensionally in a limited space.

We satisfied the large-span spatial requirements of the visitor center in an architectural volume as small as possible, which made the visitor center better integrated with the ancient town. The materials used in this project were an organic blend of ancient and modern, which included local wood and stone, and modern aluminum panel. The inner patio is designed to make full use of natural light ecologically. The corridor under the grey eaves provides public space for local residents. The new visitor center co-exists with the ancient town in a humble manner.

Project Details
Zhejiang University Urban-Planning & Design Institute Co,.Ltd.

Shi Subo

Project Name
Yongfeng County Enjiang Ancient Town tourist service center

World Design Awards Category
Cultural and Heritage Built

Project Location
Yongfeng County, Ji ‘an City, Jiangxi Province, China

Project Team   
Jiang Zhedong, Xie Sihang, Huang Hanyu, Qian Chenghui, Yan NaiZhen, Zhang ShengJie


Photography ©Credit
©Zhao Yilong

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