Yuan Hong Kun Yue Jiang Shan | Beijing Weila Space Design(VilaDesign | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Beijing Weila Space Design(VilaDesign: Third Prize of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. Collision between tradition and new trend. After precipitation, it rises in the wind. VilaDesign design union hongkun real estate. Create a new artistic expression of “Nature Oriental”.

A new spatial language of “natural image” We are in the midst of change. Awakening quietly in culture. Aesthetics beyond time. Contains urban humanity and contemporary purity. Yuanping “Chengxin Art Museum” The future life of city core people is realized here.

Project Details
Beijing Weila Space Design(VilaDesign)

Project Name
Yuan Hong Kun Yue Jiang Shan

Beijing Weila Space Design(VilaDesign)

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Residential Interior Built

Project Location
Xinzhou City

Wei Liu, Jiayuan Zhu, Xianghai Jiang, Shuai Wang


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