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ATMOSPHERE Architects: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2022. The birth of a city endowed humans with civilization.

The birth of city affairs made civilization spread in various forms to the later generations.

The city would eventually disappear with the change of time, and the city affairs would become a foot in history, recording the past and carrying a new solution.

————In this way, they could make a roll up for the city.

Part 1 Back

Neat black as a half open box, standing on the outside, attractive, naturally mottled.

Concrete, as one of the original building materials, is widely used at the entrance. According to the inscriptions on the lining wall, it directly and simply interprets the “original intention” of space.

The rectangular ceiling lamps with array feeling are arranged in turn, the rotary floor filing cabinet stands against the wall, the old row chair is located by the window, and the natural light enters the space with the square glass.

Tracing back to the past, it also gives space a new narrative perspective through the collision and combination of materials.

Give a new explanation and start the prologue.

Part 2 Preservation

There was a world hidden in it.

As soon as you enter, you can see the wine red wooden vault gently downward, and the landing bookshelves are surrounded by the central office area. It not only meets the file storage function, but also realizes the reasonable division of space moving line.

The independent office space is adjacent to the outer edge, and the light and natural scenery enter the room with the window, which is quiet and enjoyable.

The open office area combines different functional demands to build a diversified and flexible office, reception and thinking space for users, giving consideration to comfort and security.

Regardless of the surroundings, he freely captured inspiration and wrote City Story.

Part 3 New Testament

The undulating lead gray vault gives the space a wide field of vision, supplemented by warm lights to make the atmosphere more peaceful.

The conference space constructed by black and white, with frosted glass and writable floor white board on the facade, gives the entrants an atmosphere of immersion and concentration, and also becomes the carrier of formal meeting and inspiration.

From inside to outside, different from the sense of order of the former, the sharing area composed of wine red, white and light gray colors is equipped with various flexible combination of tables and chairs, which expands more modes and possibilities for office work.

It not only meets the functional demands of creative team such as inspiration collision, research strategy and activities, but also leaves blank for the continuous growth of the team.

The square warehouse was packed up and filed. His words were full of surprise.

Project Details

Project Name

Tommy Yu

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Corporate Interior Built

Project Location

April Lo, Deniel Hwang, Edith Yu


Photography ©Credit
©Chuan He from Here Space

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