A new landmark in Qianhai—Hengchang Technology Headquarters Building×HHD Benzhi Office Design | Shenzhen Benzs Space Design Co., LTD | World Design Awards 2022

Shenzhen Benzs Space Design Co., LTD: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. The Greater Bay Area of the world, the surging Qianhai, the future “Manhattan” of China.

Combining architectural design concepts and elements as the source of inspiration, we interweave the core design theme of [“Ding” Li Qianhai]. “Ding”-shaped building, noble and grand elements are applied to the facade of the office building, and the lobby pillars extend the architectural shape. The arc-shaped rounded corners and linear architectural elements are optimized and applied to various indoor office spaces. The office space is open and connected, and the overall space highlights the high-end quality of stability, inheritance, and low luxury.

Create an experiential “office art palace” integrating architecture, landscape and interior.

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Shenzhen Benzs Space Design Co., LTD

Wade Zheng

Project Name
A new landmark in Qianhai—Hengchang Technology Headquarters Building×HHD Benzhi Office Design

World Design Awards Category
Corporate Interior Concept

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Shenzhen Benzs Space Design Co., LTD


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©Shenzhen Benzs Space Design Co., LTD

HHD Benzhi International Office Design is the exclusive office design brand of HHD Hong Kong Holiday Oriental International Design Group, focusing on global professional office design in the “high-level business office design field”. Always upholding wisdom, environmental protection, and technology as the basics, we are committed to improving corporate office efficiency as the orientation, and providing companies with exclusive designs.

HHD has an international professional design team of more than 200 people. Use the top design concepts, the most cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, and the most comprehensive design services. All enthusiasm is devoted to the perfect coexistence of “efficiency and space, functionality and economy, aesthetic value and commercial benefits” in the office environment.

HHD originally introduced abundant corporate cultural connotations into the office space, explored the possibilities of future office space that is oriented to intelligence, technology, ecology, and humanization, giving a unique corporate image and enhancing the corporate brand of a highly office experience space.

Main works: Headquarters of China Construction Sixth Bureau (stock code: 601668), Office Building of China Construction Third Bureau (stock code: 601668), Xi’an Rongmin Group Headquarters, Qianhai Hengchang Technology Building Headquarters, Guangzhou Kaidal Group Headquarters, Qian Hisense Likang Group Headquarters, Baoji Dongling Group Headquarters, Shenzhen China Merchants Port Building Headquarters (stock code: 000024), Alibaba Exhibition Hall (stock code: BABA), Kinghuo Pharmaceutical Headquarters (stock code: 01110.HK), CMS Industry headquarters (stock code: 00867), Zhuhai Xinghan Intelligent Technology Headquarters, etc.