Opus YangZhou | ANTAO | World Design Awards 2022

ANTAO: Runner-Up of World Design Awards 2022. There are three parts of moonlight in the world, and two parts of them are in Yangzhou.” This time, we are in Guangling District, Yangzhou, leaving aside the gardens of Ming and Qing Dynasties around us, and taking only the basic style of painting, to present the charm of misty rain in the South of the Yangtze River in a simple and basic way. Extract the most basic landscape schemata of gardens — trees, stones, pavilions and pools, and apply them to the park to display the ethereal artistic conception of eastern gardens everywhere. Through the way of walking, traveling, looking and living in the garden, it presents the flowing modern garden landscape. The recombination of visual image structure and narrative system activates the poetry and imagination in contemporary garden context. Landscape is all in reading, eating, sitting and looking at daily life, landscape has become daily life, landscape and body. On the way home, you can walk more slowly, more slowly, in the Jiangnan misty rain, winding water crystal, four seasons of elegance slowly feel the ancient charm of Yangzhou.

Project Details


Project Name
Opus YangZhou

World Design Awards Category
Landscape Design Built

Project Location
Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

Zhan Min, Chen Jian, Shen Zheng, Cao Yue, Li Qi, Tong Wenchuan, Zhou Luyi, Zhang Chenhui, Jiang Zhao, Xu Jiayin, Lin Xiaolin, Yang Wenhao, Liu Yuan, Wang Meng, Sun Wen, Zhong Yuan, Chen Yifei, Sheng Zhengyi, Fang Shijun, He Zhiguo


Photography ©Credit
©Li Xuepeng

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