Agarwood Culture Museum | JANSON XIAN ARCHITECT+ASSOCIATES (XAA) | World Design Awards 2023

JANSON XIAN ARCHITECT+ASSOCIATES (XAA): Winner of World Design Awards 2023. Shanwei Agarwood Culture Museum,designed by XAA and owned by Faithland Group, was just constructed and completed in Agarwood Town of Shanwei City. The project has a commercial district themed in Agarwood, consisting of multiple “Agarwood Boxes” in various forms. It contributes to give a unique and elegant touch for the city.

Inspired by the burr puzzle, the Chinese traditional woodworking,the architect extracts its mortise and tenon joints as structural elements for application in dividing the building as a whole proportionally and combining different spaces. The blocks interlock to make one traditional, fun, and united form of space.

Agarwood is known as the “King of Incense” since ancient times. The incense culture has always been prolonged and profound and today it is as appealing as ever. The Agarwood incense reveals a sense of calmness and serenity. The architect integrates Agarwood’s texture into the appearance of this project through architectural approaches to give the building the same sense as Agarwood and present an Agarwood-like treasure box.

The project possesses flexible forms of function and uses. Exhibition hall at the main entrance of the first floor is well-designed with a secondary hallway where auxiliary commercial forms can also happen here other than exhibition. It provides a variety of opportunities for future uses of the building.

Project Details

Xian Jianxiong

Project Name
Agarwood Culture Museum

World Design Awards Category
Cultural (Museum) Built

Project Location
Shanwei City, Guangdong Province,China

XIAN Jianxiong,Lu Jiaming,,Zhong Jingwei


Photography ©Credit
©Zhan Changheng

XAA founded by architect Mr. Xian Jianxiong, has been following the people-oriented design principle for many years,concentrating on the balance of function and aesthetics of architecture, and devoting itself to providing high-quality comprehensive architectural design services for the city.

Holding Class A qualification as an architectural design firm,XAA has won nearly 300 prestigious design awards and has accumulated rich design service experience on projects catering to the needs of the public, such as large residential neighborhoods,offices, commerce, culture, education, etc. With the core value of “Building for Better”, XAA has over the years maintained high standards and recruited qualified talents.