Aimberê | Torres Arquitetos | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

Torres Arquitetos: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. Aimberê Residence is a residential building with fifteen floors, located in Guarapuava, a municipality in the state of Paraná, in the interior of southern Brazil.

Aimberê in Tupi-Guarani, the language of the Indians of the southern region of Brazil, means ‘one who squirms (turns)’. the building seeks to reflect this dynamism and the movement of Nature, with a contemporary architecture. The choice for a differentiated residential product has been a conviction of the developer and the architectural firm since their first studies.

Volumetrically, the building consists of a large vertical monolith in which its balconies have their axes displaced, giving a twisted sensation. As for the distribution of uses, all parking spaces and most of the technical areas of the building are located in the back of the building, freeing the front area for the condominium spaces like a decorated and furnished party saloon, fitness with modern and high performance equipments, kids place and outdoor fireplace. This concept is evidenced by the large indentation of the tower on the site, providing a beautiful and sunny access to the garden. All apartments have excellent ventilation and solar orientation, apartments with 3 and 2 suits and all with balconies. The total area of ​​the Development is 3,861.84 square meters.

In general, there was no obvious product to be launched: all alternatives, to a greater or lesser degree, presented risks and opportunities to be exploited. Thus creating an important challenge to be overcome to distinguish itself from the existing market and the products offered by other companies.

Project Details
Torres Arquitetos

Project Name

Torres Arquitetos + Mendes & Faria Engenharia

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing More than 5 Floors Concept

Project Location
Guarapuava – Brazil

Alberto Torres, Pedro Plentz, Felipe Matte, Christian Rupp, Carol Torres


Photography ©Credit
©Vista Imagens, Studio Triverum

Torres Arquitetos is a company dedicated to the development of architectural and urban projects founded in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 2003. The company is responsible for the architect Alberto Torres.

Our priority is to always maintain a high standard of quality with personalized treatment, constant updating and technological evolution. Since 2012, all Torres Arquitetos projects are developed on the BIM platform.

The office also has a strong focus on sustainability in its projects, always seeking to combine, in the best possible way, thermal and acoustic comfort and sustainable technologies. 3 of them received the Saint-Gobain Architecture Award, the most important Brazilian award for sustainable architecture.