Vertical Forest-Binjiang Jingyu Residence | antao | International Residential Architecture Awards 2021

antao.: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2021. VERTICAL FOREST RESIDENCE is located on the west bank of Nandu River, the largest river in Haikou city, Hainan Province, China, with fine natural landscape conditions. The Chinese government plans to build a free trade zone in Hainan province. In the future, we will create a diplomatic area across the residential river, which has excellent potential for development. The plot ratio is as high as 3.0, and the owner expects to create high-end residences. Dealing with the relationship between the building and The Nandu River and urban development has become the main focus of our design.


With the building types of “Tri-Star”, we have a compact layout along the plot’s periphery, forming a large central garden inside. There are three units along the river in front and six teams along the road in the back. The layout mode of low front and high back improves the sunshine and view into the room, ensuring the maximum landscape vision and overlooking the first-line river view, creating high-end luxury houses.


The plane layout of “Tri-Star” forms three families in one unit, each enjoying a 270° surround-style landscape. The whole floor presents 360° wraparound balconies, which generate a green facade without dead angles through the staggered relationship between odd and even layers, standing like a “vertical forest” beside the Nandu River. At the same time, it establishes a new ecosystem, strengthens the connection between residents and the natural landscape, and adds stereoscopic parks to the city to mitigate climate change.


To adapt to the tropical monsoon climate of Hainan Province, we adopt the ground floor on stilts to reduce the impact of humidity on the residents in rainy seasons. The shading effect produced by the overhead layer and the central garden can alleviate the hot and hot climate, create air circulation, form a microclimate environment, and alleviate the heat island effect. The central park and the stilts of the building blur the boundary of space, integrating nature and art, hoping to build a gathering place for literary life here and form a multidimensional and stereoscopic “Forest Gallery”.

Project Details

Project Name
Vertical Forest-Binjiang Jingyu Residence


International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Housing Concept

Project Location
Haikou, Hainan

Xiaofei Zhu, Juxia Zhao, Chunjie Fan, Qing Ma, Shensong Xu, Lili Bei, Xiaoyu Li, Han Wu, Yonghua Chen, Jingge Zhang, Qiyang Zhu, Xinyi Guo


Photography ©Credit

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