Aleatoric Chromatic Fluidity | JIA & MYRYL | International Architecture Awards 2019

 In art history, art informal, action painting, formless art, automatism can be traced back to the 1950s Europe and America. While nowadays, the acrylic pouring painting could be bought Online and done in Photoshop. Grew and working as architects, the artists are not intended either to follow the traditional “isms” or to create new style of painting. As the beauty of architecture lies in light, material and the individual experience in physical reality, the artists focus on material and light in their work, as well as the exploration of “the designed aleatoric events”.  You will see the transient beauty of the fluid material captured in its own being and transcend its own being. It is the beauty of objective reality that is channeled and far beyond our visual anticipation.

“Structure, I believe, is the giver of light” – the physical world shows its space and existence through the influence between light and structure. Color, carried by acrylic, shows its various presences through light, and presents the light in various ways. Color is not an abstract notion in the artists’ work, instead it is an object which has its volume, weight, transparency and, it acts. The manipulation of color as a physical object and the communication with the object is very important in the artists’ work. In the process, chance is the method as well as the theme – the original plan is limited to basic shape, color and some vague images, the real work starts when the acrylic touches the canvas. Through applying various tools and using gravity to guide the paints, the process itself is the final work. It is an exciting process that allows the paint comes into being. It is the field between the “conceived “and the “reality”, where their imagination and artistic judgment reside in. The artists’ notion is inspired and expressed through guiding the paints and adjusting their tools. The flowing and fusion of the color is ever-changing. When it becomes concrete, it might be surprising or disappointing, which always offer them inspiration and experience for their next painting.

The glass series is the essence in their exploration. Color is best expressed in light while light is best captured in color. Using glass as the medium requires a more precise control on the viscosity of the paint. Two layers of glass expanded the possibilities and the presence of shadow in certain settings emphasized the artwork as an object. The flowing of the color is imminent and the light and shadow is fleeting. It is the pursuit of beauty and the curiosity to the world that drive us to explore. We are inspired to capture the physical beauty of light and color in our work.

The Artists hope that this atypical way of exhibiting would find its way in between the distant “do not touch” formal art museum exhibits and the fanciful immersive exhibits. Here, nobody would tell you what the artwork is expressing and what you need to experience.

Designer: JIA & MYRYL
Winner – Category: Art Design
Project Location: Shanghai
Design Team: Jia Song and Myryl Veloso
Country: China