Container Food Courts | tq+a Architects | International Architecture Awards 2019


   A small brief about the projects and the details of project in short

  • It’s a commercial project and the site is located in the heart of the city very near to Chennai Egmore railway station.

  • The site is of 5 grounds of land approximately.

  • The main agenda of the client is to build a structure which is in a timeless frame and also is easy to demolish or dismantle or shift whenever or where ever necessary.

  • Client wanted to put up a food chain kind of conceptual structure or a commercial rent out space.

  • So we had decided to come up with an idea of a container based food street kind of space which was easily related to what he had in kind, and decided to go with it.

  • Hence started working on the concept.
  • 15 no’s of car parking space is allotted inside the space, as people can come park and eat and go as per convenience.

  • And the bike park is also given beside.
  • The site is a one way road and the entry access to the site is narrow.

  • Each shop is rented out to tenants who can put up an eatery joints or restaurant outlets.

  • 40feet x 8feet containers have been used.
  • The no of outlets can be divided as per convenience.

  • 15 to 16 no’s of containers have been used in the design.

Architect: tq+a Architects
2nd Award – Category: Commercial 
Project Location: Chennai
Country: India