Apartment Brussels by Lucas Freire Architecture | International Residential Architecture Awards 2020

Lucas Freire Architecture: Awardee of International Residential Architecture Awards 2020. This apartment has been a special project.

Being a fan of Gustave Strauven’s work, it was an honor to be able to improve the second floor of this charming building.

The whole living area was designed around this empty white wall.

Its size is exactly what the projected image reaches from that position, giving enough space to circulate around the kitchen island, and giving a comfortable distance to watch from the sofa;

As this was a full and total renovation, breaking the whole old situation, the budget was under a tight control.

Fully transforming the previous two studios into one apartment circular apartment, around the core.

The presence of oak, black details and concrete, brought everything together.

This spacious kitchen is the social space of the apartment. Allowing to cook, prepare drinks while friends are over, use as a breakfast table, etc.

The office was designed in a way that the whole bookshelf could become a closet. Even the separations are mobile. So that it can be decided later to have a different purpose.

In the bathroom we decided to make a triangle shaped countertop, to allow a smooth circulation. Three massive oak boards, designed taking into account the lavabo chosen and the baskets, so they could fit underneath.

Third Award: International Residential Architecture Awards 2020 

Firm: Lucas Freire Architecture
Architects: Pedro Lucas Freire
Category: Residential Interior Built
Project Location: Brussels
Team: Pedro Lucas Freire
Country: Belgium
Photography ©Credit: Armando Redondo

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