Escudellers by Jofre Roca Arquitectes | International Residential Architecture Awards 2020

Jofre Roca Arquitectes: Honorable Mention of International Residential Architecture Awards 2020. In the historic center of Barcelona, a dwelling is being renovated in a building built in 1840. It’s placed in the emblematic Escudellers Street, which was a center for the potter guild in the Middle Age. In the rehabilitation, we took into account traditional constructive techniques. We focus on the maintenance of original materials, carpentry, moldings, fittings, hydraulic mosaics, and others.

The access from the street has a decadent character. The itinerary towards the apartment builds an experience that continues to its interior. The high ceilings and patios allow natural illumination within the apartment. Generating intense experiences and moving away from the crazy rhythm of the city. A break, an oasis in the heart of the historic center, in one of its busiest streets.

By changing the distribution, we were able to give the bedrooms natural light. Two partitions were removed so the kitchen, the dining room, and living room came together as a common area. The main bathroom was solved mainly by a porous stone which changes color when it is wet. Light, water, dry, wet… Interesting relationships are generated between the elements, with a poetic dialogue. The priority has been given to the preservation and restoration of the original building elements which, together with their historical patina, give a clear added value.

Honorable Mention: International Residential Architecture Awards 2020 

Firm: Jofre Roca Arquitectes
Architects: Jofre Roca Calaf
Category: Residential Interior Built
Project Location: Barcelona
Team: Jofre Roca, Sara Agúndez, Jordi Gendrau
Country: Spain
Photography ©Credit: Jofre Roca Arquitectes

Jofre Roca arquitectes Architectural firm based in Barcelona that focuses on contemporaneity, sustainability and sensitivity to the environment. The constant investigation of materiality, light and the coherent use in a given context is a fundamental factor in their architecture.

Their efforts concentrate on developing strategies and rigorous methods to create high-quality projects, providing services which add value and for the users’ wellbeing. Is a multidisciplinary group involved in research and teaching that together with practice can aims unique results.

Their work has received several prestigious distinctions and it has participated in various exhibitions as the Venice Architecture Biennale or the European Landscape Biennial.

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