Art Academy «The Flower of Montparnasse» | ARD-group | International Architecture Awards 2019

In this project, in addition of creating a new object, one of the main problems the authors have seen in maintaining the aura of space and saving nature area in the big city. Therefore, this building is not a stand-alone object, but the object inscribed in nature, rather a landscape object. The authors wanted not only the interior of the building, but all its surface to be used. The city won’t lose the usual places for residents to relax and walks of the area.

The building is a hill with greenery, gradually growing out of the ground, which makes it possible not only to walk in the park surrounding the building, but also on the surface of the building. From the hill climb triangular sections that resemble the petals of a blossoming flower. From the sides of petals there are vertically arranged glass windows, which provide a large amount of light into the building. The surface of the large petals designed as a step-Forum, where the seating are arranged, at medium and small petals are flower beds. In the center of the hill is a pond. The bottom of the pond is transparent, which makes it possible to get sunlight in the central part of the building, where the central hall is located. Around the pond on the platform routinely located summer café, under the platform there is construction of the stage, which can be erected above the pond. Erected stage and seats for spectators in the large petals make it possible to hold concerts, festivals and other public events. It is also possible to arrange the tent over the stage and seats for spectators.

All the rooms in the building are grouped around a central hall. To connect summer cafe and café’s kitchen there is an elevator and staircase, which are enclosed in a cylindrical glass volume. Also artists performing on the stage move on by these communications. Authors believe that the new building will be interesting not only for those who study in it, but for all the inhabitants of Montparnasse.

Architect: ARD-group
3rd Award – Category: Institutional
Project Location: Paris. Montparnasse
Team Members: Emdin Leonid
Country: France