Re-tale | Metropolitan Studio of Architecture (MSA) | International Architecture Awards 2019

The material pallet of the flagship which includes stone, metal and gold leafing on selected items and imagery like lotus flower and Peepal tree (Ficus Religiosa) are inspired from the Gandhara civilization and local craftsmanship because the site of the flagship shares the geographical location with this great civilization.

The facade of the store is designed in continuing rustic metal on the imagery of a lotus pond, where corners of the carefully selected laser cut metal geometric pattern are curved upward to give an image of a lotus flower. The welcome wall behind the greeter counter has been adorned with local schist stone cut in lotus leaf pattern. Some of these stone have been decorated with gold leaves to offer an attribute of life, light and providence.

Geometrically cut marble of various sizes and color has been embedded in the in situ terrazzo done on the double heighted walls of the flagship depict the scene of the falling leaves from the sacred Peppal tree. The mezzanine walls and walls along staircases have been adorned with local marble to accentuate the feel of these spaces.

The overall design is an ode to a great civilization and local craftsmen of the area.

Architect: Metropolitan Studio of Architecture (MSA)
3rd Award – Category: Interior Design
Project Location: Rawalpindi-Islamabad
Country: Pakisatn