Big 3 House @ Myanmar | Taweecool Architects | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

Taweecool Architects: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. BIG 3 House @ Myanmar is located in the prime site of city of Yangoon. In a plot with large Burma padauk trees, the client sought to live in proximity to nature-based environment, that it must become a characteristic part of the architecture and that it gets inhabited as well as the identity of unconventional house in Yangoon.

The owner desires a house designing as hospitality environment for the family. The Two-story home has boasts a fully functional 1st floor, including living, dining, family space, working, fitness, maid, as well as a pantry, garage, pool and outdoor pool terrace. The 2nd Floor contains the master bedroom, 3 bedroom and Buddha room. 

As master planning and building placement, each constructed space has a visual relationship and a direct physical connection with at least Big tree and central courtyard space. While the path clearly defines the central garden of the house as semi-private, the living spaces provide their own character to their gardens with a sense of coolness.

Key Innovative Features andCharacteristics

of BIG 3 House @ Myanmar:

  • Site-specific: with a big Burma padauk tree provides a sense of tranquility and coolness
  • Research-based design approach
  • Innovation through integration/invention
  • Research-based design
  • Innovative materials
  • Local wisdom of architectural tectonics
  • Unconventional organization
  • Low-impact/low-cost design solution: LCDs
  • Zero-waste/zero-energy consumption/zero-carbon emission/zero-carbon footprint

Sustainability Features:

  • Passive solar design techniques for improved living conditions and building performance.
  • Super-insulated walls and ceiling cavities.
  • Double-glazed high-performance windows.
  • Solar panels on the roof. 

“Architecture is complete only when people start living in it”, but the movement of light and shade through the house had begun to breathe life and warmth into the home welcoming its users in.

Project Details
Taweecool Architects

prof. Khiensak Seangklieng, Ph.D, ASA.

Project Name
Big 3 House @ Myanmar

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Private Residential Concept

Project Location
Yangoon, Myanmar

prof. Khiensak Seangklieng, Ph.D, ASA., Sirichai Tonthong


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