Greentown · The Osmanthus Grace Life Experience Center, Nantong | GTD | International Residential Architecture Awards 2022

GTD: Winner of International Residential Architecture Awards 2022. The project is located in Chongchuan District of Nantong City, close to Guosheng Road to the north, Tongfu North Road to the west and a river to the south. In its surrounding areas within three kilometers, there are abundant education, medical care and commercial facilities.

The building creates a serene and harmonious atmosphere through its simple structures and exquisite details.

At the entrance area, the stone walls on both sides turn inward and backward under the horizontal panel, and the canopy protrudes from the center, together forming a space for gathering people and signifying the beginning of a journey. The metal edge of the stone surface at the corner is designed to enhance the stereoscopic visual effect and to conceal the light strip. The semi-curved lines at the front part of the canopy combined with the large colored glazed glass hanging underneath give the calm facade a touch of lightness and elegance.

Entering the gate, the main body of the building comes into view. The building consists of a two-story block with corridors on both sides. The large canopy on the first floor is combined with huge ultra-white glass, blurring the boundary between interior and exterior while enriching the layers of the building. The grilles on both sides bring a sense of rhythm. The curved, colored glazed glass on the second floor adds a touch of vitality to the horizontal facade, which also echoes the form of the entrance gate. The center of the courtyard features falling water and mirrored waterscape, with a mechanical movement device at the center. The dynamic fountain at the front highlights the quiet atmosphere of the courtyard. The architecture is concise and clean, with its space enriching the sensory experience by combining light and darkness, movement and stillness, openness and closure, bringing a quiet and peaceful environment.

Project Details

Zhang Muque

Project Name
Greentown · The Osmanthus Grace Life Experience Center, Nantong

International Residential Architecture Awards Category
Recreation Built

Project Location
Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China

Chief Designer: Zhang Muque ; Design team: Meng Dexing, Guan Jinhao


Photography ©Credit

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