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Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute: Winner of Architect of The Year Awards 2023. When it comes to concrete, most architects follow the style of brutalism, limiting the choice of colors. In this project, we keep the essence of brutalism, creating shocking visual effects for the human eyes with the use of suspension. Making sure that even the heavy nature of concrete is allowed for suspension and can stabilize the structure for earthquake-prone Taiwan. At the same time, we keep the idea of sustainability in mind, giving the rough structure a gentle touch to fit into our environment.

The architecture is situated in a narrow property where heavy traffic and highway meet. We make sure it will sit in a position without disturbing the heavy urban traffic in this area. Traditionally, Asian structures were constructed with waterproof tilling. However, we select waterproof coating instead to decrease the humidity inside the building, allowing the building to breathe in the humid weather of southern Taiwan at the same time. Last but not least, concrete is low-refractive material, which is perfect for reflecting strong sunlight during the summer months, reducing energy costs. Located in the boiling hot Kaohsiung, it is our priority to lower the temperature as much as possible. We use a great number of suspended elements, deep balconies, and sun visors to achieve the goal. Windows on the west side are cut down in numbers and sizes to decrease the heat from direct sunlight and the cost of air conditioning. But in the meantime, windows along the front side are installed to capture the movement of sunlight during the daytime, reminding people inside the office of the passage of time.

Taiwanese people are praised for their diligence, unfortunately, sometimes it also involves working overtime. It is our duty to provide a better working space for employees in this office when it comes to their physical and mental health. We believe that this cannot be done better through the implementation of greens. We design a space that recalls people inside the building to look at their surroundings. Hence, even though the architecture locates in a busy urban area, we manage to intertwine the color of the building with plenty of greenery in the environment, starting from the entrance. As the focus point of the entire property, the vegetations and the signature entrance provide a coordinated image and offer a friendly hand to all. The high density of the planted trees, the natural sloping embankments, and the stone chairs around create a park-like sense to reduce the impact of the polluted air and reduce noise.

Abandoning the traditional Asian model of office architecture which somehow seems to contain their employees in an enormous and unbreathable cage, we create a structure that is symbiotically linked to the environment. It is a place sustainable enough for generations and truly a place where employees will be well taken care of.

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Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Keng-Fu Lo

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Office Building Built

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Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute


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Principal Architect Keng-Fu Lo

Space is an important link between people and the environment. A good environment should be designed encompassing architecture and interior design. Consistent design and the integration of internal and external space can achieve a perfect living symbiosis. It is our hope to create buildings that will bring life closer to nature and allow users feel the beauty brought about by nature.