Bocui Bay Sales Office | NNS DESIGN | World Design Awards 2021

NNS DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. In the design of Jinke Bocuiwan Marketing Center, NNS Design tried to learn from the modern design techniques of art museums, so that the cultural integration of Wenjiang, a modern garden city, has a pioneering cultural carrier and design language. The designer expresses the natural form of the space through the orderly composition, interleaving, and arrangement of points, lines, and surfaces, thereby deriving different three-dimensional forms to interpret the elements and forms of aesthetic principles.

The negotiation area uses an art installation composed of colorful diamond-shaped pieces, and uses transparent composite materials to create a visual experience of light and shadow. The reflection of the space installation and the building set against each other, thus achieving the fusion of structure and deconstruction.

The design of the furniture in the in-depth negotiation area combines traditional and modern elements. The marble-patterned coffee table is low-key and exquisite, and matched with high-quality sofa seats, it enhances the sense of refinement and layering of the space.

Strolling through the promenade is like being in an art gallery. These hanging paintings draw inspiration from nature, using different materials such as felt and fabric as canvases, and use textile painting techniques to give the works strong vitality and attract people to stop and stay.

Project Details

Project Name
Bocui Bay Sales Office


World Design Awards Category
Public Building Interior Built

Project Location

Wang Chao, Yuan Ming, Chen Xiaolei


Photography ©Credit
©Qiwen Photography


Founded in 2013, NNS Design is headquartered in Beijing and has branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places. It is a professional architectural interior design company that provides large-scale real estate developers and commercial customers at home and abroad, including real estate, cultural tourism, A full range of architectural design, interior design, soft furnishing design and home furnishing product integration design solutions for health care, education, office, commercial, and private residences.