Calibration and application design method of recommended urban color system based on climate-adapted | Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd | World Design Awards 2021

Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Color is more attractive than form, therefore, urban color is the first sight in the city. The beautiful urban color landscape should grow from the local cultural environment and natural environment, especially nurtured by the natural environment. Such kind of urban colors can have unique local attributes. Under the globalization tendency, the climate environment is the environmental factor that can retain aboriginality than anything else. The sunlight, temperature, humidity, haze and other conditions within the climate environment will definitively impact the indigene’s color preference and significantly impact the urban color. That is called the climate develops the local color.

The most relevant factors between climate environment and architectural color are daylight and temperature. To refine the urban color system from the natural environment, we should use objective and scientific technological means, especially the climate analysis and climate adaptive design method. This urban color technology mainly focuses on the temperature and light conditions in urban climate environment, and explores two core technologies: 1) Urban color recommended chromatographic calibration technology based on temperature conditions; 2) The method of guiding architectural color design by using light climate effect.

We use the method of temperature environment analysis to the calibration and testing of the urban color spectrum system, to provide proofs for the selection of the urban color spectrum. We also used the color vision theory and daylight climate effect analysis to study the influence rule, hope to reveal the variation of urban color under different daylight climate conditions. We extracted climate-fitting urban color spectrum and proposed appropriate guidelines for architectural color design, by using color vision theory and daylight environmental analysis. This color design offered guidance and architectural color combination based on the analysis of sunlight radiation, except using the recommended color spectrum according to the urban space structure, the color design also includes using light and shade contrast of the colors based on the daylight features to characterize the key plots.

The application of this urban color technology provides a scientific basis for “Guangzhou urban color planning” and its implementation. The approved “Guangzhou urban color planning” has become an important basis for the compilation and review of urban planning and design in Guangzhou, and has been adopted by the overall development strategic plan of Guangzhou. It has been used as the color standard of the environmental landscape guidelines of Guangzhou Asian Games facilities and the planning and design guidelines for architectural exterior decoration of Guangzhou urban trunk roads prepared by Guangzhou Construction Committee The comprehensive environmental improvement and landscape construction for the Asian Games have provided color guidance, greatly improved the city image of Guangzhou, made important contributions to the success of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, and achieved significant environmental and social benefits. Therefore, Guangzhou city color planning won the first prize of excellent urban planning and design of Guangdong Province, the third prize of national excellent urban planning and design, and the first prize of Guangzhou excellent urban planning and design. This urban color technology has also been applied in 6 urban color planning of Jinan, Nanchang and Xiangyang, which have special light and climate environment, and achieved outstanding results. Among them, the urban color planning of Jinan Olympic Sports Center and Nanchang City won the “Chinese color” award and the “Chinese color” Nomination award respectively.

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Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

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Calibration and application design method of recommended urban color system based on climate-adapted

Guo Hongyu

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Urban Design Concept

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Guangzhou, China

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Guo Hongyu

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TAN Jiayu, Lei Xuan, Zhang Fan, Jin Qi, Zhu Yongting, Chen Hong, He Yu, MAI Yongjian, Xu Longquan


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