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BOSI-TAO DESIGN Co.,LTD: Special Mention of World Design Awards 2021. During the Tang and Song dynasties, Foshan’s handicraft industry, commerce and culture have been very prosperous. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it developed into a major Lingnan town with many merchants and developed industry and commerce.Foshan Zhashi and Foshan lamp color crafts are well-known overseas. China Southern Lion is in Guangdong. Foshan is the birthplace of Southern Lion and has the reputation of “King of Lion King”.Among Huang Feihong’s disciples, there are many outstanding martial artists. Nowadays, Hongquan is spread all over the world and has become a world-renowned Kung Fu school.Today, Huang Feihong’s boxing skills are spreading in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, America and other places, and continue to carry forward Foshan’s unique history and culture.As a child, Huang Feihong and the lion dance in Foshan became the fond memories of many classic films and televisions, and once became a beautiful business card of the origin of Foshan, thus driving the vigorous development of Foshan’s film and television industry!

BOSI TAO Design is fortunate to participate in the design of a new office space, and looks forward to becoming another business card in the field of office space in Foshan—Foshan Jingying Media. 

Sharing ideas in the perfect space 

Society is an organism,The media is an important part of delivering brand power.In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, due to the endless emergence of automation and artificial intelligence, the workload of employees has been greatly reduced.People’s working methods are constantly evolving. They are no longer just satisfied with the office, but also satisfied with the flexibility of employees and mobile office methods. The leisure way is fully recognized by the users and can truly enter their heart.Therefore, BOSI TAO Design always adheres to:WorkeCafeWorkHealthWorkLife”3W” life office concept, through space design, provide support for the sustainable development of enterprises!

The collision of office and ecological landscapeThe development of mobile technology means that people no longer need to sit at traditional desks, diversified office models, and respond to the full integration of the “ecological green office” and landscape in today’s workplace.At the same time, the atmosphere creation of the office space is one of the key differentiating factors for design to attract talents to enterprises.The meeting room incorporates more details. The full floor-to-ceiling transparent glass, combined with the industrial space design, creates a comfortable and flexible meeting mode in the overall environment, which can also achieve visual and tactile comfort, and the tense atmosphere is effectively relieved,Achieve the aim of people-oriented.

High-yield integration of meeting and guest spaces

The landscape of the high-level administrative office area complements the desk combination, and the beautiful scenery outside the window makes it more elegant.The rigorous and solemn independent office blends into the unique temperament of the clubhouse.With the combination of soft sofas, the clever collision of metal, leather, wood and wine cabinets in the VIP reception space demonstrates the founder’s unique youthful vitality and tasteful life

Project Details

Project Name
Foshan Jingying Office Building

Zhuyuan Cai

World Design Awards Category
Office Building Built

Project Location
Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Zhuyuan Cai


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©Huimin Lin