Casa Roura | JPV Architectos | World Design Awards 2021

JPV Architectos: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. The proposal is born from the topography of the land. The location point was 1.5 meters above street level, therefore, going down 1.5 meters from this same reference, the level originated with the independence that the client was looking for to incorporate his office, a gym and parking lots, without altering both the design and the program of the house.

Today, in times of pandemic, the program of a home requires a new operation wishing to cover the greatest number of needs inside, without interference between them. As a result, the spaces for work and sports in the basement, the public spaces on the first level and on the upper level the enclosures with greater privacy. One level for each type of habitability.

The main facade is developed with seductive elements that seek the interest of the viewer. On the third level, a rusty steel lattice is worked, installed diagonally, which, depending on the viewing angle, achieves total opacity or transparency. Natural and artificial light, depending on the time of day, play an important role in keeping this language in a permanent conversion.

With all its levels in concrete, with a visible finish, the project generates a visual contradiction when considering a proposal with a floating appearance in one of the most seismic landscapes in the world. To the human eye, not one of its volumes rests on the ground, achieving a volumetric lightness from a solid material.

To the interior, flexible spaces free of predefinition. A house capable of containing the accommodation of the different and varying demands of the user, that is, a way that does not face reality, but is faced by it, thus delivering a greater number of matches with the owner.

Project Details

JPV Architectos

Project Name
Casa Roura

José Pedro Vicente Groetaers

World Design Awards Category
Housing Built (Small Family)

Project Location

JPV Architectos


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©Ignacio Severin

JPV arquitectos is an office specialized in housing projects. Born in 2007 in the city of Santiago, Chile.

Its founder, José Pedro Vicente, is an architect from the University of Viña del Mar and a Master in Architecture from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

In 2008 he received the recognition as Young Talents by the newspaper El Mercurio

Opinion Columnist at Tell Magazine

Professor at UNIACC University where he receives the Award “Master of Teachers”

Awards in housing projects such as “Compañía Tecno Industrial”, Casacor and Arquitectum.

Publications in Chile, Colombia and Spain