Aoyuan International Center, Guangzhou | Shanghai PTArchitects | World Design Awards 2021

Shanghai PTArchitects: Winner of World Design Awards 2021. Located in Guangzhou, China, Aoyuan International Center is the headquarters building of Aoyuan Group. It is a 200-meter-high iconic skyscraper that integrates a 5A-class office tower, a Sheraton hotel and luxury apartments on top levels.

The facades of the whole building are assembled with an all-glass curtain wall system with high quality and performance. The design adopts minimalist approaches, and utilizes simple yet delicate vertical lines to highlight the clear presence of this super high-rise building. The podium is built up with a colonnade, which showcases the building’s modernity and solemnity with a friendly scale.

The north side of the building is the main display surface facing the city, and also serves for arrival. The five-star hotel’s drop-off area is set in the transitional space of the podium. Its stilt-floor design addresses the restrictions of the limited site area, and meanwhile creates a relatively private drop-off area and enables comfortable transition to the hotel entrance. The drop-off area of the 5A-class office tower stands at the northeast side of the site, where a colonnade featuring a strong sense of order dramatically strengthens its magnificence, unveiling the top-notch experience of the 5A office building.

The podium accommodates the hotel’s luxurious and all-sided amenities including lobby, all-day-dining restaurant, ballroom, multifunctional hall, Chinese restaurant, gym, and indoor swimming pool, etc. The offices are configured at the middle floors of the tower, while hotel rooms are arranged at higher levels, offering guests an exceptional city skyline views. In addition, the tower’s top floors accommodate 12 upscale apartments for enjoying a luxury and wonderful lifestyle.

Project Details
Shanghai PTArchitects

Project Name
Aoyuan International Center, Guangzhou

Dou Shu

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Built

Project Location

Dou Shu, Yuan Tao


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©Shanxi Photography

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