Cerejeira’s Residence | Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados | Architect of the Year Awards 2022

Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2022. Cerejeira’s Residence is a project of a shelter in the mountains of the South East of Brazil in which the main focus was the integration of construction into the natural environment, reducing the visual impacts that architecture can cause in relation to the surroundings. For that purpose, the priority was to use natural materials such as stones, woods, as well as a green roof. The house is marked by open and integrated spaces, facing the better view of the surrounding nature. However, just seeing nature would not bring the desired experience; it was necessary to bring it into the construction. Therefore, green spaces such as outdoor planters and indoor gardens were designed through the house to increase the biophilic experience within the house architecture. Beside the gardens, a pond containing fish was also integrated to the architecture, which further enhances this experience of approaching and loving nature.

The indoor and outdoor social areas were planned in an integrated concept to allow the connection between users with comfort. Also, there is the possibility of integrating the intimate area with the social area, using doors that can be fully retracted, leaving the entire corridor open to the lounge and pool. To ensure that all social and intimate environments had the best view of the landscape, an “L” shape plant was designed.

In terms of sustainability, the project encompasses several technologies, always focusing on reducing the impact on nature. The roofs are green/living roofs, which positively contributes to the thermal-acoustic insulation of the building. The installation of solar panels in the structure allows the generation of solar energy capturing clean energy.

The facade with glass doors allows natural lighting to reach most of the social area of the house. In addition, the indoor garden is under a skylight that also helps the natural lighting to get inside the residence. The difference in height between the two blocks of the house creates natural ventilation current, increasing the thermal comfort even more.

Regarding solar orientation, the main facade of the house faces north. Overhangs were designed in order to shad the little amount of sun rays that would directly get inside the house. The pool is facing northeast to receive sunlight for the most part of the day. Cerejeira’s residence should not only be seen as a private house, but also as a synthesis and union of sustainability, biophilia, comfort and aesthetics. Highlighting the importance of thinking through the environment when it comes to architecture.

Project Details
Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

Project Name
Cerejeira’s Residence

Vivian Coser

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Architect of the Year

Project Location
Domingos Martins

Vivian Coser, Diego Pandolfi, Indiara Barbieri, Fabiano Sargnalia And Isabella Barbosa


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©Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

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