The Fi Makan Restaurant | Isabel Gomez Studio | Architect of the Year Awards 2022

Isabel Gomez Studio: Winner of Architect of the Year Awards 2022. The commercial space really emulates a countryside escape. The brief was to create a “whimsical retreat”, “a slice of Mediterranean vibe” in the rainy heart of Europe Brussels city. To manifest this vision, the designers envisioned a highly residential vibe, complete with tactile fabrics, patterns, and eye-catching colour combinations. The space evokes an eclectic and sensorial environment open to a cosy terrace.

We did not skimp on details. Bespoke, ornate lights and regal ceramic in the restrooms add a
dramatic feeling to the tableau.
The idea of offering areas with different atmospheres makes the space very versatile so that we can
enjoy either a cocktail at the custom made bar, a quick bite looking at the street or relax with a good
book and a glass of wine in the curved velvet furnishings.

Project Details
Isabel Gomez Studio

Project Name
The Fi Makan Restaurant

Isabel Gomez

Architect of the Year Awards Category
Commercial Interior Concept

Project Location

Isabel Gomez Studio


Photography ©Credit
©Isabel Gomez Studio

Isabel Gomez Studio
Isabel Gomez Studio is an interior design studio based in the heart of Brussels’ European quarter, managed by Isabel Gomez herself. The agency specialises in residential projects but also offers professional projects such as restaurants. Having talented and creative architects and interior designers, working with quality European companies, Isabel Gomez Interiors is lucky to be able to offer unique projects. In this line, the team also makes the design of the carpets and the wallpapers.