CGDG Green Health City | BACE DESIGN | World Design Awards 2022

BACE DESIGN: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. China’s real estate development is changing with each passing day. How to break through the continuous iteration of sales space positioning? From a pure sales function to a multi-functional life experience hall, “going to the sales office” has become the current trend. In this case, designer have insight into the characteristics of the site and the needs of the customer group. In terms of scene construction and functional layout, we pay attention to the richness and beauty of the user’s life scene. With the operational thinking of “green and healthy community”, we integrate Chongqing’s cultural heritage and modern aesthetic expression, superimpose and permeate the theme scenes of fashion blocks, books and cultural creation, children’s interaction, community club space, etc., and form a complete lifestyle proposal, Pass on the cultural gene and life philosophy of the Chinese green hair brand.

Through the whole book wall and large bookshelves throughout the whole space, the designer creates five dimensions of display, such as good childhood, home life, humanities and Social Sciences, art and literature, and health care philosophy.

The large-scale circular arch space in the atrium and the Chongqing Iron and steel Art Museum echo each other and reflect the regional cultural characteristics. The artworks represent the whole fashion district to show the infinite time and space movement in a charming form, match the warm lighting, create a quiet and safe modern fashion library life atmosphere for the community, and the spiritual connotation of the space is infiltrated in the cultural texture.

Project Details


Project Name
CGDG Green Health City

World Design Awards Category
Commercial Interior Built

Project Location
Shantou City



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BACE design was established in 2018, headquartered in Shanghai, with branch design offices in Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing. At present, the company has four major divisions: Space Design Division, Furnishing Art Division, Hotel Design Division, and

Cultural Tourism Design Division. The company’s business scope has achieved diversified layout, involving real estate residential design, hotel design, commercial, office and urban public construction, cultural tourism homestays, urban renewal and high-end private houses.

The word BACE means “benchmark point”, and Bessell Design is committed to exploring the origins of space, culture, art and lifestyle, exploring the origins of each project.