Vanee Foods Company | Vertical Interior Design & Rieke Office Interiors | World Design Awards 2022

Vertical Interior Design & Rieke Office Interiors: Winner of World Design Awards 2022. This client is a family-owned and operated business that has been around since 1950. The company manufactures shelf-stable entrees, gravies, sauces, soups & soup bases. The company reached out to Vertical Interior Design after seeing some of our office design work at other businesses. After meeting with the client, we understood that their business is their family and they wanted their new office space to reflect that feeling for all their employees. We reworked the space plans of this 3-story office space to reflect modern angles to bring in their company logo angles and color. The deep blue and stainless silver colors were incorporated throughout their space and mixed with golds and greens as a compliment. We incorporated rich walnut wood tones to balance all the stainless steel finishes that imitate the equipment that they work within manufacturing.

The open office areas are designated by flooring and ceiling details that help break up each area such as seating areas, work areas, and coffee bar areas. We used angled linear led lighting over the workstations and linear led lights integrated into acoustic baffles above the coffee areas and break room.

The break room helps bring all the elements together between the walnut woods, stainless steel, and blue tones in the acoustic baffle ceiling. This room is on an angle to create some visual interest and we included transom windows above the back wall shelf to help bring light through to the rest of the office behind the wall. 

We hired a photographer to take artistic photos of their manufacturing plant and their employees busy at work. We then selected images from these artistic photos to incorporate as artwork throughout their space.  This client’s history wall was an important feature to include in their lobby for clients and guests to see. With such a rich family history, we worked with an art team to create a gallery wall using restored photos, artistic photos, and pieces of actual equipment taken from some of their first machines and hand cranks. 

The upstairs family room is a fun room that we created to help give the employees that sense of being at home. It includes a large built-in tv wall, comfy sectional seating, a gaming area with bar height, and a ping pong table. We included a gallery wall of artwork from their manufacturing plant and gave them an acoustic ceiling done in a gradient pattern of color tones.

The second-floor board room wall was a fun wall that we designed to help bring their branding into this area. The angled glass helps bring the light through into the hallway while the moss detail adds some fun interest. 

The client’s coffee table in the entry/ lobby area is a retort basket that they used in manufacturing. We took that piece, cleaned it up, painted it black, and had a glass top made to make a piece of furniture.

Soup cans are such a big part of their business that we also created dividing panels made out of acrylic and sandwiched a pattern of different size can lids to create a showpiece and also break up the coffee bar from the main open office. 

Project Details
Vertical Interior Design & Rieke Office Interiors

Julie Hartman (Senior Interior Designer)

Project Name
Vanee Foods Company

World Design Awards Category
Corporate Interior Built 

Project Location
Oak Brook

Julie Hartman (Senior Interior Designer) and Amanda Malchiodi (Junior Interior Designer)

United States

Photography ©Credit
©Nick Novelli

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